Your NEW Costume: Sexy Spirit Junkie

Happy Halloween Babes + Bros!


Whether Halloween means slutty costumes + tequila OR crystals + manifestation rituals...we've got a treat (& some tricks) for everyone! 

Halloween gets a bad "rap" with films + urban legends promoting demons, devils, + your not-so friendly witches, but the holiday is actually an ancient celebration that forces us to recognize death or the passing of souls, at a time when the veil between the two worlds is thinnest. 

And, while death isn't exactly the most "party-friendly" topic -- as spiritual junkies, it is important for us to recognize that nothing lasts forever. So, we can either shake our booty + down orange + black jello shots or look it calmly in the face, accept it + celebrate the time that we do have --  by shaking our booties + downing orange + black jello shots. OR, if this year, you are more into your vibe than your are 4 spiritual ways to celebrate the day...

4 Spiritual Ways to Celebrate Halloween:

1. Take a 'Spirit Walk' + ask for your Spirit Guide. If you are looking for answers, ASK the universe. Its that simple.  If you are willing to trust + allow your intuition to take charge, you may very well find the answers to your burning questions from neighbor's dog or that sneaky possum. 

  • Preparation: Before you head out, center yourself with long, deep breaths. Call upon the Universe/Angels/your Guides/the Divine Source you believe in and set an intention to receive a message, answer and/or sign from an animal who can help you with a particular situation for the HIGHEST good of all concerned.
  • Present: Be Fully Present in your walk. No headphones or cell phones. Pay attention the animals/insects/etc that you pass en route + assess your feelings about them. When you sense true resonance, accept that animal as a messenger. Note: You do not have to see the animal in the flesh. It can be an animal on a t-shirt, billboard, photograph, etc.)
  • Ask: Ask  your animal what message it has for you + notice the initial feelings, impressions, and/or words you hear.
  • Express Gratitude

2. Leave the Tequila + do the TLC Thing: Run a hot bath, add lavender + Epsom salts...maybe even a rose crystal + rose petals. Light some candles + put them around the bath + bathroom. Lie in this special bath + meditate on your energy -- this life + the next life + the beauty (not fear) of life + death. What can you do now to create a life that reflects the impression you'd like to leave in this world? Meditate on your passed love ones + ancestors + send them light + love. To end your meditation, spend a few moments in simple gratitude for all that you have in this life now, for breath + for love.

3. Sit Quietly + Connect With Your Ancestors ... BUT, be sure to Clear + Protect Your Energy First. Make sure you feel safe + then...turn off your cell phone + light a candle. Using your imagination + all 5 senses, open yourself up to symbols (this is the way that your ancestors will communicate). Be sure to have a pen + paper nearby to record any psychic impressions to be interpreted later. Trust your intuitive voice + focus on the feelings associated with what you saw, felt, smelt or heard. If this all feels a little too "woo-woo" or weird for you, remember most family's even with their kooks are loving and supportive -- so are their energies.

4. Chill with Your Crystals: Halloween can bring up a lot of funky feelings. Its a mixed pumpkin of emotions for a lot of people. If you are feeling a little off or unaligned. Take some time to chill with your BFFs -- your crystals. Some great crystals for this day are: 

  • Black Tourmaline: a protective stone that repels  + blocks negative energies + psychic attack. It cleanses, purifies + transforms into a lighter vibration
  • Selenite: evokes protection from the angelic realm + dispels negative energy
  • Dragons blood Jasper: The stone for strength + courage. Brings the physical, emotional, and ego to match the benevolence of the heart chakra. It tames our "inner dragon" with love, compassion + forgiveness.
  • Carnelian: Allows you to let go of the past + focus on the here + now

Love + Light, 

L + J


Lauren Angueira