Sorry, the moon is in Aries...I can't KEEP CALM ✨ πŸŒ•

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Regardless of what YOUR Moon sign is, for a couple of days each month we are all affected by the transitioning Aries Moon. 

While the Moon is in Aries, we are a little bit faster to react -- and much more moody and bothered. But, on the flip side, we're also all a bit more intrigued + willing to try something that we've never done before, like a yoga class (Buddha Shack anyone?),  or sending a text to the cute guy/girl we are crushing on. This energy has everyone a much more willing to take a risk, gamble, and push into the unknown.


The weatherman may be saying rain, but expect some Sun to shoot through the clouds during this lunation. The Aries Moon draws total fire into the atmosphere, stimulating life force and vitality. You're alive! Filled with your own thoughts -- it's all about Y-O-U today. Trouble is, everyone else is in the same place. The best way to visualize this energy? Imagine a playing field with plenty of loose cannons. Hello, Aries Moon! 

During this time, insensitive remarks can land at missile speed and detonate into conflicts, things that normally wouldn't bother you, might get under your skin for the next few days, try not to take it personally, they'll end just as quickly as they began.


This Moon goes against teamwork, but it's amaze balls for personal challenges --the ultimate face-off -- you against you.  Be daring! Meet whatever you've been avoiding head-on.

Spontaneous Aries is about jumping in and taking risks without being overly concerned about the outcome. Don't worry about commitment, and let discipline come naturally whenever it's needed. In fact, allowing yourself to make mistakes provides the freedom required for new things to be discovered.


This Full Moon in Aries just happens to also be when the Sun is in Libra (a totally ridiculous sign that doesn't give AF, love you, Libra!) Rather than wanting to plant the seeds, this is the time when we want to bring the energy to grow that seed we planted six months ago during the New Moon in Aries -- try to think back to what you were manifesting in the spring...(what is manifesting? how the hell do you manifest? -- HOI is doing a workshop on the 11th to teach you how to keep a moon manifesting journal, see deets below).

 Courtesy of The Numinous

Courtesy of The Numinous

This Aries Full Moon is the time when those things that we started to do, are now either coming to fruition and working, or not. If the seeds we planted are working for us, then keep on rolling with it. And if it's they aren't, it's time to let it go and move on to something else. 

Aries energy is "initiating" it's the beginning of the astrological year and this sign is known for being bold, active, and extremely fiery. Remember that the Moon is your emotional being, so that's what we will all be linking up with today/tonight. 


Aries is a fire sign, and people with Moon in Aries are usually independent and happy to be on their own. They like challenges and new things, but dislike overt expressions of emotions and prefer when everyone is direct and self-sufficient. When the Moon is in Aries, you won't like it if your loved ones are needy -- you will prefer direct and straight to the point. But don't be so tough, a little love and a good cry neva hurt no body. See you babies on the other side!!





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