Building a chill ass nook - A guide to a 30 day Manifestation Alter

Everyone should have a sacred space in their home. Even if you’re not into  meditation you should have a spot where you can go and think, write your goals or hide and eat flaming hot cheetos unbothered - mine is actually in my closet, I legit hide. 

An alter isn't religious, I use mine strictly for meditation, visualization and manifesting. 

Here are some examples of building your own:

Money is always good right? So lets start with that as our first example;

What you’ll need: 

A small table, stool or bench, anything works as long as its eye level when you’re sitting. 

Your intentions written as clear and in detail as you can; ex. you can’t say things like “ I want to be rich” you need to write things like; within the next 6 months I want to double my weekly income which will be xx per week "I want to live in a big home" vs. "I want to live in a 5 bedroom home on Miami Beach with floor to ceiling windows, a huge kitchen a pool in the backyard, 4 mango trees, a stone driveway and access to the water for my white 8 person boat". Get it? 

A cleansed money stone (I like citrine) and a stack of one hundred, one dollar bills. 

A picture frame containing some of the things you want your new found wealth to bring into your life. Maybe a picture of a person who is successful and that you admire. A figurine of Lakshmia, mythical goddess, who brings wealth, prosperity, and good fortune to those who speak to her. Basically she's bae. 


Once your nook is pimp AF come to it once, or twice a day, sit and look at it for 5-10 mins and visualize yourself already in possession of the things you want. Write your intentions and leave it at your alter, do this everyday for 30 days, make sure you rewrite your specific intentions everyday, a notebook is a good idea. 

If you want to manifest love, you would use a love stone (I like Rose Quartz), maybe some roses, a picture of your “ideal partner” instead of the goals you would write the qualities you would want in the person you want to share your life with (I am so grateful that I have such a loving, funny and rich boyfriend, remember write it like you already have it). You could get super creepy and if you have someone in mind, put their picture on your alter, just don’t get caught because you’ll prob catch a restraining order and a ton of social awkwardness.  

Want to love YOURSELF more? Use the same principles in example above but write 5 things you love about yourself and 5 things you're proud of accomplishing each day. Place a picture of yourself on your alter and spend your 5-10 mins mentally telling yourself “I love you, you’re beautiful, you’re worth it” 

Want to work on gratitude, write 5 things you’re grateful for everyday. Make sure they are different, put up frames of people, places and material objects you already have but want to manifest more of. Spend your 5-10 mins mentally saying “thank you” over and over visualizing the things you want (again like you already posses them) and mentally saying thank you for the things you have. 

If you think Im out of my mind, try it for 30 days, then come talk to me. 

If you have a specific area you want to work on and need some advice send me an email or stop into the Shack for a coffee and a chat. 

Jenna Guadagni

Lauren Angueira