WTF is a chakra

So I'm basically obsessed with chakras. I feel like people think I’m cray, anytime anything happens I blame it on a chakra. “Omg, this guy I went on a date with hasn’t called me back” - yeah your heart chakra is blocked for sure. “ She’s such a bitch someone told me she was talking shit behind my back” For sure she is totally blocked in the throat chakra, its not her fault, she’s off in her communication. 

Cue eye roll. 

For realz doe, what the fuck is a chakra?

So in easy breezy terms chakras are the centers of your body where energy flows. If one of those bad boys is blocked we have major issues in the bod and probably in you life. 

So how do we prevent an energy traffic jam? Let your shit go and clear that shit up. Here is a super quick run down; we will go into more detail soonish. 

Root Chakra

Represents feelings of being grounded; someone once kept telling me to “get grounded” and I was like WTF DOES THAT MEAN? It just means feeling at one with your body, connecting yourself to the energy of the earth and trying not to “float” away into your “lables” of who you think you are ex. Im a mom, Im a lawyer, I am a millionaire, don’t connect mainly with your physical, connect more with the true self

Location: Base of spine 

Emo Issues: feeling as though your job, boyfriend or social status is all you have. Constant FOMO

Cleansing color - red


Represents sexuality and our ability to accept others and new situations. 

Location: Lower abdomen - 2inches below belly button 

Emo Issues: Sexuality - lack there of, or too much - unable to accept changes in situations and people

Cleansing color - orange 

Solar Plexus

Represents our confidence in ourselves and our lives 

Location: Stomach area 

Emo Issue: unable to find self worth, self love, self confidence 

Cleansing color:  yellow 


Represents our ability to love, ourselves and others

Location: Heart 

Emo Issue: Unable to feel love, accept love and/or give love 

Cleansing color: green 


Represents Communicate 

Location: Throat 

Emo Issue: Our ability to communicate our feelings truthfully

Cleansing color: blue

Third Eye 

Represents our ability to see a bigger picture 

Location: Between eye brows 

Emo Issue: Unable to make decisions, trust intuition or find your imagination 

Cleansing color: purple 


Represents our ability to be fully connected spiritially

Location: Above the head 

Emo Issue: Unable to connect to anything spiritually or see/find your inner beauty 

Cleansing color : clear/white 

SO how to unclog the chakras? First you need to identify which ones pertain to you, maybe its all of them, and thats ok. Ex. feeling like your love life is less than desirable, start to focus on the location of the blocked chakra/, in this case the heart and the color that represents it, heart chakra is green.

Start with a 10 min. meditation focusing 2 mins on each chakra location and aligning it with its designated color, there are tons of ways, but identifying and becoming self aware of what parts of your life need some work is the first step.

If you want more deets or a guided chakra cleansing email me. 

Jenna Guadagni

Lauren Angueira