New Moon, Who Dis? Virgo Remix.



The September 20th New Moon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo and will be guiding us on a healing journey.

If you had some shit surface in the last few months (ex's, fights with parents or friends, financial struggles or lacking in the self love depo) the Virgo New Moon is going to inspire you to get your shit together and get back to balance. Virgo energy is all about healing and caring for the mind, body and soul - DETOX and Buddha Shack anyone? 



Under the influence of the September New Moon, we are all being called to really pay attention to the condition of our mind so we can step into our FULL power - if you're being cray, obsessive and/or needy it might be a good time to pick up a new meditation practice and get your mind right. This New Moon is going to be our guide on how to hush those negative or toxic thoughts. 

Unfortunately, this energy isn't an easy one. It is going to take us on a journey WITHIN ourselves in order for us to truly get what our body may be trying to communicate. We are going to have to connect within and come face to face with our issues - expect everyone to be a bit more emo, including yourself. Try not to be too judgy or critical of others, remember you must allow others to be who they are and follow their own path (easier said than done.)


Start to ask yourself- What do I really need? What is the most loving thing I can do for myself? And don't worry about that boy/girl that hasn't text you back, it's really not you, it's them. The Virgo New Moon is really asking us to put ourselves first (#SelfLove) and to make OUR healing a priority, do NOT give your power to anyone else. It's not their job, it's yours. 

Part of the reason our bodies get so out of balance is due to stress (ummm, hello natural disasters and mandatory evacuations!!) and the expectations we have to look a certain way or be a certain way. Under the dark night sky of the Virgo New Moon, try instead to accept yourself and others exactly as you/they are and nurture your bod back to health (yes, just chill about that extra 5 pounds Irma gave us) don't be so demanding or critical.Treat yourself with love and kindness and your body will respond in turn.


The September New Moon is the perfect time to express yourself, talk through your feelings and release any stuck emotions. I would not suggest doing this after tequila, or through text ... let the tequila talk go. Sober up, people, or it could get out of hand! You must be clear on your intentions and your words, and the new moon will support your efforts.

Take some time for yourself tonight, evaluate where you are, and write your goals and intentions for where you want to go. It is suppaaaaa important to get clear on goals as this is the first New Moon since our solar eclipse on August 21st, it marks the beginning of the 6 month phase of your goals and aims. Each new moon within our eclipse cycle is going to bring you closer to your long term goals. 

Sit with your crystals (Jade is VIP for this moon) and write your long term goals and intentions - 10 things you want to achieve in the next 6 months, tell yourself "I love you" and embrace what is to come.




There are beautiful and positive changes waiting for you, have the self love and patience to receive what the Universe is throwing to you! 

Keep those thoughts and emos positive! 

With love, health and prosperity, 

J + L