Soul Survival Guide to a Storm


It’s all a party until it hits a Category 3. At least, thats the mentality of most Floridians. But, after witnessing the destruction in Texas with Hurricane Harvey (earlier last week?!) and with dejavu-esque flashbacks to Andrew — South Floridians are NOT taking the threat of Hurricane Irma lightly.

As someone whose “hurricane mentality” went from my first experience as a small child stuffed in a fiberglass closet to a young adult who secretly wished for the storm — because school closed & I could Hurricane Party with my boyfriend & our friends — I was not sweatin’ Irma. That was, up until yesterday, when I went to 12 sold out gas stations and spent TWO AND A HALF hours trying to get gas — LESSON: It’s better to be prepared. 

Yes, physical preparation — gas, flashlights, water — is mandatory, but have you also done the spiritual prep for a storm this size? The anxiety and stress can be enough to floor you even before the winds begin. That’s why we’ve created your Soul Survival Guide to a Storm equipped with supply suggestions, tips, and advice from our very own Intuitive Gangster, Jenna Guadagni (@JDuhnnie)


Storms are scary AF, and like Lauren said, physical preparation is a must, but you must also take care of yourself and your anxiety levels. Take some calm before the storm -


  • Sage, Palo Santo, Incense
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Lavender / Bath Salts
  • Helping Heart + Hand

1. light some sage (or something that smells like sage, lolz) 

2. write down 10 things you are grateful for

3. take a lavender bath and start to visualize bright sunny days with no talk of natural disasters.

4. It's also a time to help others, if you know someone who needs a hand, lend it. There is so much negative energy happening in our country right now I believe these disasters are coming to us to force unity and love. 

There are things we cannot control, like disease, natural disasters, other people's emotions and thoughts, so we proceed just as we do with all things in life with love, preparation, prayer and acceptance.

And Babes + Bros, remember You are the STORM — we control the winds & rains in our lives. The more energy we give something — even this hurricane — the stronger it becomes. Our emotions are signals of the energy that we send out.  

Safety, Love + Light to All. 

Lauren + Jenna

Intuitive Gangster / House of Intuition