You're not Cray. We see them too...

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When you see the number 11 it is considered a sign from your angels and spirit guides. In fact, it shows that you are aligning with your highest destiny. All numbers hold their own sacred vibration and meaning, but 11 continually stands out as being one of the most enlightening and transformative. 11 is also said to represent the perfect balance between masculine and feminine energies, the material world, and the spirit world. Basically, everything coming into balance. 

These high vibes are going to run through all of 2018, but dates like January 1January 11, November 1 and November 11, are going to hold this energy in its highest forms. 

On these dates, today being one of them, we are all going to be able to experience the vibes and gifts that the number 11 has to offer.

You may be wondering how, da F can numbers effect the energy and vibration of what we experience. 

This is based on ancient knowledge that was brought to life by Pythagoras (he basically invented western thinking by influencing the hell out of Aristotle). He believed that ‘all things are numbers’. In fact, the study of numerology all began when people started to recognize that there is an order in the Universe and through understanding this order, they could unlock the secrets of life. Nikola Tesla also stated that“if you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the Universe.”

Each number holds its own vibration and place in the creation of the Universe. When understanding how things are created are manifested into reality, most numerologists focus on the numbers 1 through 9. With 1 representing the beginning and 9 representing the ending. Number 11 however, is believed to hold the vibration of the number 1 twice, making it even more magical.

On dates like January 11 (November 1 and 11) if you chill your thoughts and tune in, you may be able to feel a heightened vibe where you will be able to manifest what you want on earth with SUPER speed.

So, TODAY spend time meditating and visualizing, allow your energy to bring you closer to that of a higher power. Ask out loud for your angels and spirit guides to hang with you, using that to comfort you as you visualize something you would like to create. Set an intention and begin putting the pieces in place to begin manifesting your wish into material form. If you have a pyrite (the manifester's stone) hold it in you're right hand while in meditation, don't have one, we have them for you

On a global level, this 11 energy will get people to think about how they can help others and make the world a better place. Which is so needed right now. 

Stay open to the vibrations and energies that you feel tomorrow with the 11111 gateway and see how they change or shift or manifest by November, when we will have the ultra super ridiculous manifesting mojo -- get ready for a potent 111111 gateway.

Happy Manifesting !!

J + L

Lauren Angueira