Can I call you back? I'm SAGEing my crystals ++ New Moon in Capricorn.

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If you've been paying attention, you may have noticed that January has been a VERY busy month. We welcome the new vibes and new energy of 2018 with a high-intensity, high vibe grind. The Capricorn NEW MOON tonight is no different, it will dazzle us with a beautiful line up. 

The New Moon introduces a star studded lineup :: the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are all partying in the club together,  this is known as stellium (when 3 or more planets hangout together). 

Having a line up of so many planets indicates that this New Moon is going to bring a lot of earthy Capricorn energy for all of us to chill with.

Capricorn is an earth sign which means that it holds the energy of leadership, hard work, determination and grounded-ness.

Capricorn's symbol is the mountain goat, and if you have ever seen a mountain goat, you know that know that little guy is determined AF to climb higher and perch himself in places that most animals wouldn't dare go. This is an excellent way to describe the hardworking energy of Capricorn, and with so many planets, plus the Sun and Moon aligning in this constellation, we are all going to be able to make leaps of progress -- as we become our own little mountain goats and climb our mountains of manifestation. 

This January New Moon energy is really going to help all of us take a leap forward and ask us to use our hard work and knowledge to climb higher and reach further.

This is a very ambitious energy that will move us in the direction of our highest dreams and wishes.

This is the perfect time to take action in your life and begin making small, practical changes in order to bring more joy, abundance, love, success, and whatever other feel-good emotions you want into your life. Capricorn is a very practical sign, so this is not necessarily about making bold, shocking moves in our lives (unless we feel called to do so), rather it is about making small, yet effective, shifts to get us closer to where we want to be.

For the last few years the Universe has been making way and clearing space for us to plan. Now, we are getting the energy to support our plan and put it into action. January is the most action-focused month of the year, NOW is the time to use this energy and not be afraid to push ourselves to the limit. 

While this line up of Capricorn planets is going to help us find our ambition and strength, this NEW MOON will also hold a soft intuitive undertone. 

Not only is it a great time to take action and express yourself, but it is also a great time to look inward, meditate and focus on what your heart is saying. Pay less attention to where the head is trying to lead you. If you're having relationship issues or feel doomed to be alone watching Netflix for the rest of your life, this New Moon may bring welcome new invites that may help you look at things in a new light. 

If you're single this is the time to get out and mingle. GET OFF the coach, indulge in some self care and get yourself out there. The stars are in your favor for finding a mate. Use this energy to really check in with yourself and see if what you're asking for is aligning with your actions. AKA - Prince Charming is not going to just show up in your living room under the blanket that you've been hiding under. This moon will help you clear out any old energy and help you click the reset button, allowing you to clear out any negative energies from past relationships.  

If you're in a relationship, this is the perfect time to plan something fun together and get in some quality time, Capricorns love to "Netflix and chill" so plan something low key and intimate. 

The good thing about January’s New Moon is that it has TONS of energy that you can use to serve you in any way that you need. Tune in and ask yourself - - What is something I could use help or guidance with? What would I like this New Moon to bring into my life?

New Moon’s are all about setting intentions and planting seeds for the future, so think about what you want to grow in your badass garden of manifestation and give your wishes to the night sky.

There are such strong cosmic forces all throughout January and they are all on your side and there to support the F out of you.

Let the Universe know what you need, let the New Moon know what you need, and then open yourself up to their guidance and put in the faith to follow. 

Even though it doesn’t always feel like it, life and your angels are always on your side, you just have to learn to find the joy and the unwavering faith as you navigate the highs and lows of your personal manifestation mountain.


Love + Light,

J + L


Lauren Angueira