Uh, HUH, HONEY: Sweetening Spell



Honey Jars are a common love spell used in folk magic traditions, especially in hoodoo practice. 

The purpose of a Honey Jar Spell is to sweeten your boo thangs feelings towards you. But it doesn’t end there, if your boss, is being a total jerk, your friend is being “dramatic” or rude or your co-worker seems to have RBF or constant resting bitch face around you, this sweetener spell could bring you back onto their positivity radar.

But let’s be real, we all want that hot guy at the gym or that gorgeous girl in our yoga class to take notice. 

So, here are the HOT details on how you can sweeten your chances for lovvveeeee + get your boo to Say Your Name <3 

Choose a container - Not sure where to start...We’ve got you, gals + gents --with our small “honey jar” and spoons (part of the Honey, Do Sweetening Spell Kit). Or you could use a cored apple, the only problem being you can’t keep I️t for that long, its messy and you WILL have to bury it after the ritual is performed, yes I said bury I️t - outside, or in a house plant (lol) 

Next, you need to get clear on who and why you’re wanting to sweeten this person. We suggest a serious spray down with the SMOKESHOW Smudge Spray. Its quick, convenient, smells great, & will tune you IN ASAP!

Once your cleansed + clear, CONNECT to the emotion of how you will feel if this person returns your feelings - then begin the ritual - write their full name an odd number of times, at least three and not more than nine usually works well, and then rotate the page 90 degrees clockwise and write your full name over theirs the same number of times. If you really want to seal the deal, you could add a picture to the back of the paper - risky biz, getting caught could possibly be the most mortifying thing that could happen, so make sure you don’t have any nosey sibs messin' with your magic. 

Prepare: Take your paper, fold it up, and stick it in the container. Fill the jar or apple with honey, maple syrup or brown sugar and seal it.

Get yo ritual on: You can of course “cast your spell” at your convenience, but we like to do it with a little extra help from our girl, Luna, ideally casting with the new and the full moons, or at night with charming Venus visible in the sky (just before dawn or just after dusk). 

Extra Credit? Create a sacred circle by honoring the Four Directions and invite your guides, guardians and allies to join you. Make a circle around your jar with something visible- salt, tarot cards, crystals, shot glasses, silverware, basically anything you can find that will outline a visible circle. 

Light a candle atop the Honey Jar (preferably pink, we have those for you!). Meditate on the candle flame, visualize your intent to sweeten their attitude toward you. Imagine how it could manifest and how amazing that outcome would feel. The longer you focus your attention on the candle flame with your magical intent in mind and your desired emotion in your heart, the more the fire will charge with your energy. 

Complete your ceremony and let the candle burn out on its own do NOT blow it out - if you gotta run you can smother it with a wine glass (duh). Seal the ceremony with Palo Santo. Set the jar on your altar, nightstand, desk, in your sacred space (did you know we create those?) for at least seven days. Each day clear the space around your jar with our Love Spell Palo Santo burner and meditate on the jar, preferably around the same time. If you opted for the apple, you should bury it and then visit it’s sweet burial site once per day - same, same as above. The more you concentrate and feel the emos of this, the better. 

I️t is said that once you’ve done your ritual you should see some movement after 3 days, some sort of more significant moves after 3 weeks, and full on completion (beach wedding and kids, j/k!) in 3 months. The key is that you must let go of the obsessive worry and wanting, to believe the spell will bring you want you desire and sit in the comfort knowing your wishes are being granted by your guides and angels. Engaging in a stalker freak out and wondering why I️t didn’t happen in 5 mins will suffocate the spell - pour a glass of wine, light one of our Palo Santo burners and chill out knowing all that you are asking for is on its way to you. 

Happy casting babies!

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Kit includes: 

+ 1 Honey Jar 

+ 1 Manifestation Paper Tag

+ Lovespell Palo Santo Burner

+ 1 SMOKESHOW Smudge Spray

+ Pink Tea Light Candle

+ 1 Rose Quartz Tower

+ 1 Rose Quartz 

+ Handwritten + Blessed instructions

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