3(ish) Hard Truths On How You Are BLOCKING Yourself From Being A SACRED SEX PRIESTESS...

There I sat. JDuhnnie was burying probably the fourth rose quartz that we'd excavated from my bra in the past month. It was supposed to promote feelings of self love and help with overall love attraction, but that rough, pink colored stone had only dug so far into my Double D sized chest that it had left a tiny, bleeding scratch. Right now, that scratch was nothing compare to the overall breakage occurring in that same area -- this wasn't just heartbreak, it was happening on the soul level. 

Here I was crying in a yoga studio -- my ultimate ugly crying shame game -- buried under oversized sunglasses...wearing last night's outfit. And, thats where this column evolves from. This isn't your traditional love story. Although, there is a love story that begins here, its just not the one that you think. Its one of self discovery, self love and....I can proudly say a journey of sexual "chakratic" [new word alert] healing.


I've started this column a thousand times. It began as a blog as a result of another guy seven years ago. Its been a new chapter, every break up that I've experienced. Its had different names, different stories, but always one predominant theme --  me.

Somewhere around the age of 30, we are all forced to face ourselves. In the Now Age, this phenomenon is marked as your Saturn Return. Which is probably a fancy way to say that even the celestial bodies are ready for you to get your ISH together -- But, if you are like me -- a wild soul at heart...I blame it on my Sagittarius Moon...you aren't buying into this that easy. 

I'm a forever explorer, led by my pursuit of passion and learning -- I don't settle down easily. In fact, I've spent the majority of my twenties living out of a suitcase and feeling most at home when there is room service on the menu. I am fascinated by the unknown, the new, the explorable. 

You are probably thinking -- this is a MUCH different picture than the human disaster that you just described.

Well, damn, girl....harsh.

the truth is -- when you are forced to confront yourself -- one of two things can occur:  you say, boy bye or you write angry emails & cry to the universe. 

I chose to write multiple angry emails to the universe (no lie). And probably after my fifth one-sided rant, 100th over explanation on how I was "SO" over him to my psychic friends, and 1000th tarot card spread "re-pull" -- I realized the only person I owed an explanation to was myself. The person that needed forgiven was ME. It wasn't HIS bullshit I was dealing with. It wasn't HIS limiting beliefs or fears that kept me up at night searching for answers. This wasn't HIS shit sandwich, it was my own. & I don't know about you, but I like myself a WHOLE HELL OF A LOT (Leo moment) to let myself hurt and not heal...especially, when I'm in control. I had a choice to make. HARD TRUTH #1: We ALL have CHOICES. 

Rihanna wrote on Insta recently, "none of my exes are married or in happy relationships, so its safe to say that I'm not the problem"...well...good for you RiRi...

I'm the problem & let's face it -- HARD TRUTH #2: you probably are too -- we've all got baggage holding us back from being the ultimate Sacred Sex Priestess or Adored (& possibly adorned $$$) Goddess that we are meant to be/embody.

It's easy to fall into areas of victimization when it comes to love. As women, WE FEEL HARD and depending on where certain planets fall in our signs, we FALL hard. For my Astro-Junkies, I'm an all FIRE babe with a Cancer in Venus -- its my biggest pain point, but it also happens to be my greatest teacher. (find more about your Venus Sign here).

To take it even further, its hard to comprehend love in a culture where we are taught to search for soulmates and Twin Flames, but are constantly faced with the children's book-esque question, Are you my boyfriend?

We grew up with princesses being rescued with false illusions of what unconditional love is. One thing for damn sure is that none of our princesses had to live in a highly digitalized world—one that attempts to breed insecurity in your relationship with every Instagram post uploaded or Facebook photo tagged. All Sleeping Beauty, had to do was wake up from a kiss and the prince was hers—her relationship’s biggest threat were the woodland creatures, because not even Maleficent was after her prince. Maleficent was just a classic narcissist who was pissed she wasn’t invited to a baby shower 16 years earlier. She most certainly wasn’t writing on Prince Philip’s wall about how they should get together tomorrow, xoxox” or sliding into anyone's DMs.

Things have changed. Social Media has spiritually & soulfully disconnected us in ways no one could have imagined. So what do we do? We numb ourselves feeding into this disconnect. But Babe, you are human. You are hardwired to connect, to crave, to desire more -- sprinkle in some karmic soul / past lives in the mix -- and Hard Truth #3: You don't stand a chance (on your own). The more you disconnect the more you HURT, not HEAL.

And, that's just the problem with the fairytales that we were fed, they only talk about the happily ever after. They never mention the miles apart—there’s only so much FaceTime can do, the jealousy, and the cheating boyfriend, and they certainly don’t provide you with a solution when even the drunk texts you send each other stop being funny.

Enter the Signs, Sex, and Sinners column.  I'm here to heal -- to take the shame out of the topic of sex, love, self-love & feelings and replace it with power and other worldly pleasure.  What's GUARANTEED from this column? From goddesses, to twin flames, to yonis, crystals, cord-cutting, chakras & more -- I'm going to give you all the cosmic mystical lovin' that you deserve with no BS, fluff, or topics off limits. Think COSMIC SEX, ALL.THE.TIME. -- EVERY.TIME. Because, babe -- COSMIC SEX is your divine right. You deserve it just because you exist (Hard Truth #4 -- we snuck in a bonus)

You may ask what qualifies me to help you or serve out these truths? The same thing that we are going to develop inside you -- my [your] power. Through my past, current, & semi-relationships, karma, healing, and a whole hell of a lot of mistakes -- I've gained insight alongside some intuitive guidance on these topics. What's important here is to take what works for you and use it. If something doesn't laugh, -- at my expense -- shake your head & send it out with light to the universe.

I can't wait to get ALL UP in YOUR VENUS!


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