FULL MOON :: :: June 27th @ 11:50am :: MOON 6 degrees in Capricorn || 

TODAY, the FULL moon is in Capricorn. Fun Fact: This moon is also known as the Strawberry Moon, because it marks the beginning of strawberry season. 

Even though a full Strawberry Moon sounds amazing, traditionally, Capricorn is considered a zodiac sign to the moon’s “detriment”— in other words, the sign in which lunar energy has the hardest time expressing itself.

During the few days each month when the moon transits this sign, we often put our feelings on the back burner and take a more pragmatic approach to life. It’s typically the perfect time for getting things done, but, not for tuning into our emotions, instincts, or moods.

When the moon is FULL in Capricorn, we’re likely to feel this tension even more. This will be especially true with this moon, because the sun is hanging out in the opposite sign of CANCER, the moon's homie & home sign. Cancer is all about emotions, instincts, and moods. If there’s an imbalance in our lives between love and lust, the practical and the emotional, or any sort of pull - we’re likely to see it reflected back to us through situations, encounters, and events that play out around this full moon, so pay attention and set your  intention (asking out loud to the universe and your guides) for CLEAR guidance and signs. 

The sign of the sea-goat may not be the most comfortable place for a full moon, but that doesn’t mean that this is a bad thing. True, we all want a little Cancerian Drake-inspired love right now but then again, sometimes Capricorn’s brand of “tough love” is what we actually need.

Ruled by cosmic disciplinarian Saturn, this moon teaches us to gain mastery and control over our emotions so we can approach life with a balanced and controlled approach. It helps us establish boundaries, so we don’t take things too personally, or take on too much of other people’s issues. Under this full moon, we can develop a better sense of when it’s safe and appropriate to express our feelings, and when we’re better off keeping a stiff upper lip and realizing others are not actually aiming to harm (yes, we are talking to you, sweet water signs, its not all about you.) don’t take it so personally. 

Self-discipline is what the full moon in Capricorn is all about. We all have our moods, and most of the time it’s better to work with the natural ebb and flow of our energies rather than against it. This full moon is about to show us there are some things in life that we have to do whether we’re in the mood or not -- expect a lot of “adulting”—and if we’re in need of a reminder, this full moon shows us how it’s done!

To Do :: 

-Get super clear on your goals and write them all down, yes all 5000 of them 

- Pick your top 3 goals,  how do you do that? As yourself, which 3 goals if achieved would help you jumpstart your overall list

-Focus on those 3 and write them down asking for the discipline and guidance of the earthy energy of Capricorn to hold you accountable in achieving. 

-Fold up the paper and in a fire safe bowl, set your goals on fire, telling the Universe and spirit you trust in the process and allow this, or something better to come into your life. 

Lauren AngueiraComment