F* NO Regrets, Give a F***


If you could go back in your life and change anything, would you? The majority of us are Team #NoRegrets. And, I’m SO with you, guys — no regrets…you, lovely little liars (love you, mean it). RIGHT NOW — the majority of you (and I) are thinking of that one time/thing/person in college. 

With bittersweet nostalgia, we look back at early adulthood as mostly a time to get shitfaced and pretend like we don’t remember (hysterically) crying on the sidewalk because Taco Bell was closed. 

It was a time to INDULGE and make mistakes. Which was totally freaking awesome — because this is how we learned. We made mistakes, we dated mistakes, we lived, we learned. We dated these mistakes again, we lived, we (hopefully) learned. It was a cycle of parties, happy hours, and all of those cousin’s boyfriend’s sister’s birthday parties — that you just couldn’t miss…



After all, the Beasties Boys fought for our right to party — it seemed a shame to let that be in vain. AND, I was right there with ya sisters + brothas! Only instead of happy hour, I had “beer o’clock” a makeshift time to drink beer out of a refrigerator in the middle of the street outside of a tent hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. My twenties had all the drinking of everybody else's, but much less of the sanitation, access to clean water or general safety that we take for granted every day.

Much to the chagrin of my tightly-wound parents, I spent the majority of my early twenties plane hopping / do “good”ing after every major disaster. I’m a Leo — we live for this shit. And by shit, I mean critical, soul-fulfilling, purposeful, community-building hard work.

Looking back, I was searching like every young adult for my purpose. It wasn’t until around the same time that I started leaving happy hour to switch over a load of laundry aka adulthood, that I was introduced to the yogic concept of Ahimsa + how practicing non-violence to yourself and others didn’t require a second round of vaccinations or malaria medication, but could actually be integrated into daily life as easy as that second slice of pizza.



Ahimsa is a pretty badass concept. Traditionally defined, it is the Hindu + Buddhist practice of nonviolence towards all living things and one of the five yamas of a yogic lifestyle. Modernly defined, it is not cussing out the guy that cuts you off. And, yes, in extreme cases of practice, blessing the average build man in the green corolla with license plate 56A…kidding…blessings + love, even to him.

There are a lot of different ways in which a person can choose to define Ahimsa and apply it to their own lives. A lot of people choose to see Ahimsa as non-participation in violent our harmful thoughts. But, I like to see it as an active concept rather than a passive choice. After all non-action can be just as violent and consequential as acting at all — according to history, modern politics…and even, mother nature…NOW, with campaigns to vibe for Texas, Florida, Mexico, and Puerto Rico — an active Ahimsa practice is needed more than ever. 



Raise your vibe with Ahimsa DAILY by...

  • Eliminating judgement of self + others: Quite literally, let the badass in you honor the badass in them — even your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. #namastebitches
  • Giving Your Time, Money, Talent: In light of these shitstorm of storms, there are countless causes + organizations. If you need some direction as to who to donate to or volunteer with — holler at ya girl.
    • HOI has its own #AHIMSANA program for the FL Keys running from October through December. #Ahimsana is a 3 month program commitment (October - December), where bi-monthly a team of volunteers will travel to the Florida Keys to teach a community yoga/fitness class and distribute donated goods attached with messages of love + support from the MIAMI community. We will also look to partner with a local studio for each class and provide them with a stipend of money from our donations to help support their rebuild + business.  Learn more here…
  • Removing harmful thoughts in difficult situations: JUST STOP. Recognize your bad juju. Invite the universe or some sort of loving force to take over + solve the shit. The miracle WILL happen.
  • Being happy: AND, if you need a starter shot…peep below at YOUR community in action. HOI is so incredibly honored + to have had a small part in connecting David The Agency + their donations to these two Islamorada teachers who despite the destruction of most everything they owned (including their cribs) had mega-watt smiles on their faces. Talk about strength and resilience, FAM. 

EXTREME Love, Light + Blessings: 

Lauren + Jenna

MORE Ways to get your AHIMSA on with HOI...

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