The March New Moon on the 17-18th falls in the watery, intuitive and ultra EMO sign of Pisces - it will begin to bring a sense of completion as we wrap up the astrological new year.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac cycle and its all about finding balance and creating a sense of wholeness. This moon will give us a big picture view of the year gone by allowing us to see how everything has fit together in its own way.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions signifying harmony and peace no matter what direction your life may be flowing. 

This New Moon is going to help you feel a sense of completion giving you signs of what direction you should pursue in the coming months (ummm yaaassss), and it will also help you start thinking about the future.

This is the cosmic magical unicorn moon we have been waiting for - to pull into a full circle all of the manifestations of the past year. It is the perfect moon to bring in what you really want into your life.  

You don’t have to have an exact plan, but thinking about what seeds you want to plant, and what emotions and energies  you want to bring in is a good place to start, I’m going with high vibe positivity all around. 

March is an interesting month as its not only the start of the astrological new year, but it also has two Full Moon’s. Full Moon energy is going to dominate most of the month, meaning that this Pisces New Moon carries a rare and special flare (just like our Pisces humans) -- we won’t really get to indulge in for too long.

As a bridge between the two Full Moon’s, this Moon is going to give us a small opportunity to really focus on bringing acceptance and forgiveness to our lives so we can begin moving forward. It is also going to help us to manifest, and draw in new energies, emotions, and feelings that we wish to work with.

Overall, this is the perfect time to wrap up lose ends, embrace the lessons that have unfolded, and to plant new seeds for the future. Can I get a hell yea?! 

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