Mercury in Gatorade?! -- Mercury Retrograde + What Your Mercury Actually Means...



Mercury is in Gatorade, or something...haha! There's A.LOT. of talk going around about THE RETROGRADE, but what exactly is Mercury & WHAT does it mean for your zodiac sign?!

Each of us has a specific zodiac sign associated with the planet. It lends us characteristics to how we communicate, learn, and get ISH done. Knowing more about your sign can help you express your thoughts clearer and help you find focus. find your mercury sign at:

♈️ Aries: think on the fly, “aha” moments, speak first - think second, prefer bite-sized ideas, live in the moment, think independently, fearless opinions, like to be “first”, enjoy trends, lose interest quickly, dominate conversation, thrive on the impossible • Productivity Tips: make projects + goals a challenge, reserve the right to do some part “your way”, work in short sprints, never do anything out of obligation 

♉️ Taurus: common sense, return on investment focused, predictable safe environment, need proof ideas will work, clear action plans, to-do list, resistant to change or new ideas •  Productivity Tips: use step by step instructions, have concrete evidence, define a clear desired outcome, break larger goals into smaller steps

♊️ Gemini: quick talker and thinker, processes information quickly, easily bored, craves variety, needs to know “why”, animated speaker + storyteller, idea person • Productivity Tips: make learning social & interactive, learn the difference between hobbies and careers, rotate between two projects that use different parts of your mind, find your “twin” study buddy or accountability partner

♋️ Cancer: the office “mom”, takes things personally, high emotional intelligence, worry and obsess over security, treat feelings like facts, bond through conversation • Productivity Tips : keep a support squad close, have comforts like snacks and tea around, get up and move so emotions can’t get stuck in your body 

♌️ Leo: love big, bold ideas, thrive on challenge, strong sense of color and design, need undivided attention, crave spotlight, great storyteller, protective, courageous, encouraging • Productivity Tips: make work fun, find your tribe, dodge drama 

♍️ Virgo: want to plan/schedule everything, want to know "how stuff works", love mastery, be a perfectionist, notice every flaw--typo--error, want to know "why", crave order and efficiency, love tiny details • Productivity Tips: Geek out! Set up your space with all of your materials, surround yourself with smart people, always have something to strive for

♎ Libra: be diplomatic, dislike conflict, take forever to make a decision, change your mind, overschedule + double book, procrastinate, work hard to figure out what everyone needs, play both sides, crave support • Productivity Tips: Work in a duo, work with a coach or mentor to keep you on track

♏ Scorpio: do nothing halfway, deep-dive into concentration and intense bursts of productivity, love puzzles, solving problems, figuring out how things work, enjoy working behind the scenes, need to feel powerful and impactful, be super-sensitive to the energy and unspoken power dynamics in a space—you can “read a room”, be the “intuitive one”  • Productivity Tips: tune out distractions, find other obsessive people to work around, take breaks

♐ Sagittarius: love big, bold ideas with a major impact, take risks and leaps of faith—but can also leap without looking, enjoy multi-tasking or having a variety of different projects going on., be fiercely independent about your opinions and ideas, have a hard time sitting still and concentrating, prefer to “beg forgiveness than ask permission”, get really excited about a lot of things, but can “sizzle and fizzle”, exaggerate wildly, over-promise, overshoot the mark  • Productivity Tips: Be a lifelong learner, travel!, have a defined purpose

♑ Capricorn: like a clear, simple plan, like facts more than feelings, be interested in history and traditions, get obsessively ambitious and driven about your goals, enjoy taking on responsibility and rise through the ranks, dislike distractions and divergences from your goals, prefer to work “alone and in the zone”, enjoy speaking with older, wiser and more experienced people  • Productivity Tips: Identify a goal and work backwards, reward yourself, have a bucket list

♒ Aquarius: be witty, entertaining and the “class clown” type…or be the mad-scientist geek of the group with innovative and out-there ideas, collaborations!, occasionally shock people with radical views or spontaneous moves, work best in groups of open-minded and out-of-the-box thinkers • Productivity Tips: Work in groups, Incentivize yourself, get out of isolation

♓Pisces: get absorbed in your thoughts and creativity and lose track of time, treat feelings as facts, be a dreamy, abstract thinker, need unstructured time for creative visualization and “downloading”, want to help people, can lapse into a victim mentality and feel helpless, overwhelmed or unable to handle it, need lots of support and reassurance through your emotional ups and downs • Productivity Tips: learn to "sleep on it", make a vision board, "show, don't tell"

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