Solar Eclipses are a time of change. Just like the powerful New Moon that brings fresh opportunities and wakes up areas of your life that are old and stagnate AF. July 12th brought us a Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer - our emo “sleepy” friends ruled by the moon, you may have felt a 24/7 feeling of exhaustion and PMS. This was the first Eclipse that we’ve had in Cancer since 2009, and starts off a new cycle that will last until 2020.

Some of us haven't really had a chance to process the partial solar eclipse on July 12, and the total lunar eclipse 2018, aka blood moon, is not to be taken lightly.

Eclipses usually fall in the same two opposing signs. For the last year or so, we have had Eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, but now we are shifting into having Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn. July’s Solar Eclipse will be the opening of this new cycle and will light the way for the years to come. 

Here’s the run down of this MASSIVE lunation coming our way. 

On July 27, at exactly 4:20 p.m. ET, the moon will take a journey through the Earth's shadow, for approximately one hour and 43 minutes. This eclipse will appear orange and red, due to sunlight passing through earths's atmosphere and reflecting off the moon, basically magic - unfortunately for us Americans we wont get to witness this cosmic orgasm as the moon will be below the horizon.

Around Eclipse time, the cosmos shakes things up in our life so we can see something new or different. The Universe shakes us so we can start setting new intentions or plans that we wouldn’t have normally considered or thought about before. So maybe that guy or girl you were totally into decides to end it, or your boss doesn’t give you the promised promotion or maybe your roommate just moved out with a 3 day notice. Although these things will ROCK and shift your shit, don’t get caught up in a downward spiral - I am here to tell you, that while this may seem like a big fat bowl of shit stew, this is actually clearing your way for bigger and better. Better job, better partner and better living situation. 

This Cancer Solar Eclipse has a strong rebirth energy and is asking us to dig deep within our soul to uncover what parts of our lives need to be awaken or reinvented. Stop settling for bad sex and a job you hate - find what’s not lighting you on fire and work there. You’re going to be so much more sensitive to these things and probably hate them a little more than normal, now is the time to deal with it. We may have been walking the path that was laid for us many years ago, and this path is probably outdated or is no longer working.

This total lunar eclipse will sit close to both the South Node and Mars Retrograde. This is wild. For starters, in astrology, anything that conjuncts the South Node means it's cleansing, clearing, and leaving our lives. (The South Node represents both the gifts and karmic debt we bring from previous lifetimes.) Now, adding wood to the fire, Mars will also be involved, which makes this ending that much more powerful. Although, with Mars Retrograde, there could be some frustration in the process.

Put it this way, Mars loves to go fast. Its energy is vigorous, enthusiastic, and passionate AF. However, in retrograde, this intense energy is internalized, so it could feel somewhat restless. Nevertheless, the universe is asking us to let something go, and free ourselves from emotional (moon) burdens. The lunar eclipse, alongside Mars Retrograde and the South Node aka our destiny, will be making a square to rebellious Uranus which is Aquarius' planetary ruler. Uranus is the planet of chaos, electricity, and rebellion (just like all your Aquarius friends) and Taurus(where Uranus is currently sitting) represents our income, values, and self-worth. Together, these energies will transmit electric waves of change, pushing us towards a whole new level of perspective. This is really powerful, and since the South Node and our destiny is involved, it will REALLY help us rid ourselves of what no longer serves us. BUCKLE UP!

Because there are so many planets in retrograde around this Solar Eclipse, we may not be able to understand or interpret this energy right away. In fact, it may take some time before we can tap in and use the Eclipse energy to our full advantage.

Not being a total psycho is going to be an essential part of this Eclipse energy, and we are going to have to allow things time to unravel or unfold, super annoying. 

Despite how intimidating this lunar eclipse might sound, just know that you are undergoing a beautiful transformation. This is your metamorphosis, hello butterfly -and your soul evolution. Release what no longer serves you, and open the door to change.

Let ALL the love in. 

Now, I want you to take a notebook and write down all of the things you WANT in your life in EVERY area. Love, finance, home, family, career, material abundance, healthy and body, travel and spirituality you can add absolutely anything else you can think of. DO NOT focus on what you want to release, as you will be illuminating all of the things you don’t want to bring in. 

Once you’ve done that - read it over and say aloud: “ I ask you for this Universe, or something better. Then take the paper and burn it in a ritual fire (you can email me about how to do this or you can simply burn it in a fire safe dish with a candle), bury it in the yard or tie it up nice and pretty and send that shit off to sea. 

Now sage your life clean out the clutter physically and get ready for some intense and beautiful changes!

May you all walk in beauty. 


Lauren Angueira