When I hear the phrase "blue moon," there are two things that come to mind. One, that it's describing something very rare, and two (& honestly, this is usually my more immediate association), the prom scene from Grease when the gang slow dances to the big band song named for this lunar event. 

However, a blue moon is, in fact, an actual phenomenon — and it's happening TONIGHT! As if one cool lunar event this month wasn't enough - Jan. 1's super full wolf moon. In addition to being a blue moon, Jan. 31's full moon will also be a supermoon and a blood moon (meaning the full moon will occur during a total lunar eclipse) umm...So basically - this is the big one, the Superbowl of the stars.

Let's unpack what all of these astronomical terms mean - it's a lot to handle. 

According to, a blue moon is what happens when two full moons fall within the same calendar month. It happens so rarely — approximately once every two and a half years — that we've adopted the phrase "once in a blue moon" as shorthand for "basically never." The first full moon of 2018 rose on Jan. 1, and the second will rise on Jan. 31 — hence, January's BLUE moon.

During a super moon, the moon's closest approach to Earth during a single orbit coincides with a full moon, making said full moon appear bigger and brighter than usual. 

A lunar eclipse is the movement of the moon into the Earth's shadow. 

The blood moon is a full moon that appears reddish, because the Earth is blocking out the sun's light as it lines up perfectly with the Earth — thanks to the lunar eclipse. All this is according to, who I now have to thank for what probably would have constituted years of astronomy classes + study. 

To make things easier, we'll call this perfect astronomical storm a super blue blood moon. Say that ten times fast on your insta story and tag me - LOL

All of these events are happening in SUCH quick succession which means that it's going to be a SUPER PUNCH of drama and emotion - rule of thumb: only hold on to things that you love during this time, eclipses and supermoons tend to bring even the shadiest of deeds to light, and full moons are typically known for inciting lots of feels and encouraging people to let go of things and start fresh. 

No matter what your sign, you are encouraged to commit only to what you "love"- Other projects, endeavors, and relationships are likely to fail and fall through the cracks. 

This blue moon eclipse will give every sign a run for the money, especially the fixed signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. This eclipse will be felt very deeply by us earthlings because of how close the moon is  to the Earth during the time of the supermoon eclipse.

An eclipse can also bring news of a pregnancy, an engagement or marriage, a promotion or career breakthrough, important travel, the signing of a vital business contract, or the start of one’s own business - - even, divorces/breakups. 

Basically any monumental events, meetings and partings/changes within your career -these eclipses are the dates that we usually long remember. After the last eclipse in Leo I was offered the on staff position with the Miami Dolphins. 

You might find that the changes an eclipse brings can be challenging or more difficult than you might expected, but these challenges force you to leap forward into your fears, and to accept all that life has to offer you on the other side.

So what should you do to prepare for this special night?

Set up a sacred space in your home. Somewhere you feel safe and calm and comfortable. 



Blue/White/Green candles 

A bowl to burn paper in 


Mason jar 



Even if you cant see the moon, find a way to sit and connect to its energy, feel it pulsating through your body. Feel calm, at peace and loved. 

Fill your mason jar with spring water and place your crystals inside it, take it outside to bask in the moons energy. 

Begin to write down you desires in the present tense, as if you have already received them and then say them aloud 3x - at the end of each read through, add - "this or better work its way to be, amote it be!" Imagine your desires in your heart and fill it with your hearts energy. 

Take a moment and look at your candles, each one separately and visualize the fire of your desires burning inside you. Then choose whichever one you are most drawn to and light your paper on fire - place in fire safe dish/bowl as you watch your paper burn, visualize your wishes becoming tangible outcomes.  

Then -- Go and grab your moon water, remove the crystals, and take your moon water into a bath with your blue moon geode or a shower, as you cleanse in your moon water, visualize yourself receiving all of the moons luminous energy and everything you have asked for. Carry your crystals around as talisman for the next moon cycle (28 days)

& hey, you can always Invite me to your next ritual or moon gathering!

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Bath bomb  


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Lauren Angueira