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Have you ever wondered why THAT certain sign or person gives you the butterflies? Why your closet is ALL BLACK, errything. Or why drunk you, always ends up with another “Don’t Pick Up” contact in your phone?! Well, A LOT of it can do with what sign your VENUS falls in. The planet Venus guides your romantic desires and your social style.

Understanding your Venus sign & that of your bae or bae to be — can help you find a way to consciously couple (yea, Gwenyth — we went there) and fulfill both of your romantic needs. Can we talk about some PRIME and COMMITMENT?!

To see what sign your VENUS falls in, create your free birth chart: https://astro-charts.com/


Here’s your 411 on the 12 Venus Signs: 



Forget the firework, you are fireball — baby. An assertive, fiery, and passionate lover — you won’t settle for anything less than FULL ON ROMANCE. Love at first site is your modus operandi & you’ve fallen in love in lightening speed more than once. But, who is it that you are suddenly Facebook official with?! Learning to take it slow & applying some patience— is an art form that you’d do well to learn. The ultimate “GHOST” —  you won’t return to the crime scene of a past relationship. You are more likely to be off with your next adventurous playmate exploring new positions and locations. While you may require room to roam — you want a partner that is absolutely obsessed with you — try not to get jealous or hold people to impossible standards. 



Venus finds its home in Taurus. You are one lucky gal or guy with Venus in this sign — you, hopeless, romantic — you! Let the Pinot breathe and put the Usher on repeat, you like to take it slow as to not miss any moment of the romance game. Cuddling is foreplay for your sensual sign, and you are especially gifted at the art of touch. Luxury is key & spoiling your mate and yourself is your type of excitement.



You are a born player in the romance game! Curious & communicative, you are a flirt who needs variety to keep interested. It can’t just be about you. Your bae or boo needs to have interests outside of you — but, always remain on the line. God forbid they miss a text or emoji laced response or sext. You run hot or cold and can fluctuate by the second….you just don’t like to settle. You aren’t a player, you just crush a lot…and can find something fascinating to adore and explore in just about everyone you meet. You put others under a spell with your witty banter, fascinating stories and even a few head games. Might as well call you the Tinder King or Queen.



Hey, hot mama. Equal part housewife & (feminist) hoe — you are the queen of the sheets and proper in the the streets. Not a big fan of PDA — you are all about the homestyle TLC. When a prospective bae shows interest, you might throw up a tough outer shell but once you open your heart — you are in it, to win it! You are the mate for life type. & because of this it may take you years to get over a breakup or a rejection. But, babies — finding true love also requires heartbreak.



Never one to save the drama for your mama, Venus in Leo is a performance. If you aren’t working the room like a red carpet, you are probably writing a screenplay of your next romantic dalliance in your head — & if its not a page-turner — its probably not for you. PDA is your fav thang & a drink date could turn into an all out 24 hour date-a-thon. You need to be worshipped and adored. A roaming eye or ambivalent heart are deal breakers. 



Rather intention than attention, the ever-practical Virgo is a discerning dater. & of course — a perfectionist. You’d rather have no one than the wrong one. Known as the selfless sign, you need a hero that is going to have your back. Being fussed over is not your thing — you are more of a hold hands under the stars type of gal or guy. You may fall for a few wounded birds — but once you recover — you’ll never go back. 



LOVE is literally, your life. With Venus finding its second home in Libra, beauty and love reign supreme. Every bit of the romance game — even the end — is exciting and thrilling to you. You take your time to commit — because the chemistry has got to be bubbling! You’ll take all the traditional trappings red roses, red wine, dinners, poems and picnics. A fairy tale beginning is a MUST. Be careful — you can be so focused on creating harmony and balance that you sweep important issues under the rug.



Shady, sexy Scorpio…you often get a bad (& oftentimes deserved) rep. While you are the master seducer, casual dating is not your THANG. That doesn’t mean that you are looking for “the one”, but mostly — “the one right NOW”. Plunging into the depths of intimacy before you know their last name is your kinda of thang. But, don’t expect you to share— trust does not come easily to you and you hate to feel vulnerable. You may have more than your share of wild and dramatic affairs in search of your soulmate. Hell hath no fury like a Venus in Scorpio betrayed! (skip the revenge fantasies and let karma handle it)



You love with NO limits. You are either NOT the biggest fan of monogamy — or endlessly devoted to your mate. A relationship must feel like a growth opportunity for you to enter it. You are a gambler in the game of love and understand that fortune favors the bold. You got it bad for everyone and don’t subscribe to one “type” of lover. But, dare they make you feel possessed or restricted — ya out of there.



Relationships are an investment to you. You want to build a future or something stable. You are strict and thorough and you’ll patiently wait as your potential boo reveals their every aspect. You aint got no time to play psychologist or mother. On the DL, you are a sucker for status —and you might find yourself in an office romance or two. 



REBEL with or without a cause — shock value is your aphrodisiac! You may purposefully seek out partners who are “different” and have a no limits approach to dating. Anyone who can hold a fascinating conversation is up for grabs. Marriage is not your end game — and no one dare “own” you. You don’t mind exclusivity, just the convention. You'd rather skip the courtship than play all of those games.



Life & love are poetry to dreamy Pisces, you. Romance is your reason for living. Connecting over a shared love of art and music — and a similar spiritual pursuit is a must. You are a master of seduction and Venus is in its most potent placement in this sign. Be careful though — you know not your powers of love — you could lead others on. Your attractions may run hot and cold, so be careful about declaring your undying love too soonl.



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