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  KNOCK, KNOCK...It's Your Intuition.

KNOCK, KNOCK...It's Your Intuition.

You are here for a reason. Your dream, goal — BIG idea — blog and biz are truly one of a kind. No other person in this universe is the unique blend of strengths, talents, and perspectives, that you are. No one can create what you have created. You are a BADASS — & at WOKE, we honor the badass in you & your brand. 

Intuitive business is A a multi-service conscious creative + modern marketing agency based in South Florida. Honoring the iconic “yin & yang”, we offer both individual and integrated business and spiritual wellness services with our sister biz, woke creative. Think of us as a cocktail made of equal parts marketing guru as [certified] spiritual shaman, (what is a shaman?).

 for example: let's say we are doing some Social Media work together...then, we would absolutely want to get crystal clear on your intentions/goals & maybe even work up your birth chart to see where you shine and sometimes stumble in business based on your place in the universe.

at woke creative -- We specialize in visual content creation, digital copywriting, social media strategy, photography, brand matchmaking, influencer marketing & digital / event public relations. Be WOKE : [Creative Enlightenment with Vibe]. 

What makes us different than every other creative services + marketing agency is...that we take a more humanistic approach to business. At WOKE Creative, we want to help you CONNECT to your soul — in order to gain the clarity that you need to NAME “IT” (what you want) and CLAIM “IT” (your dreams & desires). Together, we can build the confidence (both personally and professionally) that will allow you to begin/restart/rebrand your journey.

As a small business, we are committed to helping other entrepreneurs and “big hearted creatives” revolutionize their industries and authenticate their brand through the discovery & marketing of their business’ soul story -- alongside, their personal development. All of that, while we also help attract, build and connect their businesses to a dope, fiercely loyal tribe. Simple enough.

we are curators of vibe.


Content Creation + Photography

Content = CONNECTION, & it is the new currency of the web. As humans, we are wired to connect and to WANT to connect with others. Whether we are searching for information or inspiration, the web makes this connection instantly gratifying and accessible for both businesses and customers. We are able to see, hear, interact, and understand our customers & fans in ways that were never possible before!

VISUAL Content is the cornerstone of online success. Content with relevant images get 945 more views than content without. A picture is becoming much more than 1,000 words. Perhaps, even 1,000+ likes or shares? 

Visual Content 100% Guarantees: An increase in subscribers + followers, more engagement: likes, shares, + comments, it builds stories that connect, helps audiences understand and appreciate your brand’s message, establishes trust, & retains your current followers.

Business Hack: The BEST content ALWAYS gets noticed.

+Add on Intuitive Gangster Offering: Space Clearing and/or Mini Creative Meditation.

content creation client rates: 

1 hour shoot :: $100

2 hour shoot :: $200

content creation NON - client rates: 

1 hour + 8 edited shots :: $150

2 hours + 14 edited shots :: $275

4 hours + 30 edited shots :: $400


Photography rates: 

standard package :: $150 / hour. includes pre-production virtual meeting / mood board / equipment / post - production

Half day (up to 6 hours) :: $600. includes pre-production virtual meeting / mood board / equipment / post-production.

full production / half day (up to 6 hours) :: $1400. includes pre-production virtual meeting / mood board / equipment / post-production, hair for 1 model/ makeup for 1 model / stylist for 1 model.

more offerings, services, and information available at woke creative.

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Social Media Strategy + Copy

Social media is the "NOW AGE" marketing game. Unfortunately, many companies still struggle to maximize their potential audience and increase brand exposure. Whether it is an issue of discovering your biz's “soul story", defining & attracting an audience, engaging your existing fans or you simply don’t have the time to post -- we can help! 

NOW, is the time to take the lead or the leap into the SoME game. With an estimated 3 - 5 billion new customers joining the online community by 2020, who wouldn’t want their business to participate? Just think — that’s 3 - 5 billion potential customers that have a problem, need a product, or a need fulfilled — & they could be looking for someone or some company like yours.

Not sure what a relevant hashtag is? How often you should post? What is the best time of day? or what “this algorithm" everyone keeps mentioning is?!  We can answer all of those questions and help you craft CLEVER, CONFIDENT, + CONSUMER-ENGAGING copy that will have your fans "double-tapping" that post. All of the above while we also work to position your brand as an authentic, industry-lead, heart-centered business that your customers will trust & want to spend their hard-earned cash at.

+ Add on Intuitive Gangster Offering: Business Manifestation 101 : Crash Course, How to develop your Business Mantra or Astrological Birth Chart Ayurveda: Identifying your personal business style & its lack +  luster.

do it for the 'gram.

pricing based on consultation.