AHIMSA for those addicted to ASANA


While Hurricane Irma threatened to Rock Us Like A Hurricane -- & its physical damage has been nothing short of catastrophic for areas of The Florida Keys -- it can't TOUCH the spirit, strength, determination, + perseverance of our Florida FAM. In honor, respect, & gratitude for our fellow Floridians, House of Intuition (HOI) has partnered with a group of badass brands. instructors, and studios to provide physical and spiritual donation-based relief to those impacted by the storm. 

Project #Ahimsana is a 3 month program commitment (October - December), where bi-monthly a team of volunteers will travel to the Florida Keys to teach a community yoga/fitness class and distribute donated goods attached with messages of love + support from the MIAMI community. Each community class will involve a partnership with a Keys-based studio -- after which, the studio will be provided a stipend of money from our donations to help support their rebuild + business.


Do you laugh when someone trips? Don’t pay the parking meter or pick up after your dog? Listen to Nickelback? Then, this Yoga is for YOU. Because none of us are perfect, but we are all perfectly FLAWED.


Join HOI events as we fearlessly fly those freak flags with a FUNDRAISING 305-soundtracked flow taught by Buddha Shack owner, Jenna Guadagni (@JDuhnnie) from 1-2PM #SundayFunday style. And, because nothing says Sunday like beer + games — we are bro + babe “ing” out on the back deck of Lincoln's Beard Brewing Co. — #BeerYoga (for the gram).

More about all of that major manifesting mojo? Allison Santini + Jenna Guadagni have got you covered with a post-class meditation. @AnnietheAlchemist is also in the brew with chakra balancing and rad retail. Popping up in OG style, Intuitive Gangster is back with crystals, smudge sticks, and crystals, + more!

And, because you’ll be sweating to Savasana — Lincoln's Beard is offering a FREE 5oz pour of their house beer to yoga bros and babes!! Plus, NOT ONLY does ALL of your ticket sale go towards Hurricane Irma relief in the Florida Keys, BUT IT ALSO, enters you to win a $50 gift card to Magic Carpet Yoga Mats (@magiccarpetyogamats) — just by namaslayin’.

The party don’t end there! From 2-4 PM — HOI will be hosting a Cards Against Humanity Tournament. Let’s get down and dirty for a chance to win a full outfit from Kira Grace (@kiragraceyoga) or a Yeti Yoga Mat (@yetiyoga) — (1st and 2nd Place Winners).

Let's put our ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE on display -- at the event, you will be able to write notes of encouragement + support + love to fellow FL community members -- who remain in shelters, without power, or without their homes/businesses. Each message will then be attached to a gift given to evacuees during Project #AHIMSANA.

More event details found on our homepage. To get tickets, click here



Share the L-O-V-E. Be the Community. BECAUSE We are STRONGER together. 

HOI has teamed up with a bunch of BOSSES to create a donation-based gifting outreach for our Keys FAM. As part of this gifting, we are asking for special notes of encouragement / love / support from our MIAMI peeps. These notes will then be attached to each gift distributed at shelters/community-designated distribution sites during Miami / Keys Gift-ributions. 

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If you are a brand that would like to become involved, please email: hello@houseofintuitionmia.com


As Floridians, we are a BADASS group of MOFOs. We #NAMASLAYed the storm with our vibes, willpower, and community strength. For as bad it was, it could have been worse. And, while we are grateful for the outcome, we also recognize that it is not without hardship. That is why, HOI will be coordinating designated GIFT-RIBUTION days for residents of the Florida Keys aimed at igniting, re-igniting, or returning the community to its physical + spiritual practice. 

Twice a month, our team of volunteers will visit the Lower Keys providing complimentary community fitness classes and donations to those most affected by the storm. #AHIMSANA

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All I’m trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me.
— Tupac Shakur


To volunteer / donate OR if you are a business who would like to become, please email hello@houseofintuitionmia.com or fill out the form below. You can also submit notes of encouragement / love / support below.

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