HONEY DO, Sweetening Spell Kit

HONEY DO, Sweetening Spell Kit


Honey Jars are a common love spell used in folk magic traditions, especially in hoodoo practice. 

The purpose of a Honey Jar spell is to sweeten  your boo thangs feelings towards you. But it doesn’t end there, if your boss, is being a total jerk, your friend is being “dramatic” or rude or your co-worker seems to have constant resting bitch face around you, this sweetener spell could bring you back onto their positivity radar.

But let’s be real, we all want that hot guy at the gym and that gorgeous girl in our yoga class to take notice.


Kit includes: 

+ 1 Honey Jar 

+ 1 Manifestation Paper Tag

+ Lovespell Palo Santo Burner

+ 1 SMOKESHOW Smudge Spray

+ Pink Tea Light Candle

+ 1 Rose Quartz 

+ Handwritten + Blessed instructions

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