'One IN A MILLION' LOVE : XXL Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Palm Stone

'One IN A MILLION' LOVE : XXL Rose Quartz Puffy Heart Palm Stone


“Baby, you don't know (know) what you do to me (me)
Between me and you (you) I feel a chemistry
I won't let no one (one)
Come and take your place (place)
'Cause the love you give, it can't be replaced"…

This stone’s size is only matched by its POWERful lovin’ Vibez.

Any Crystal 101 crash course probably has you grabbing THIS pretty little stone & clutching it close to your chest.

And, while its often dismissed as the #basicbitch of crystals -- its healing & transformative powers are NOT to be dismissed. Rose Quartz dissolves emotional wounds, fear & resentments and activates the HEART chakra . It reawakens the heart to its own love so that it is able to give & receive more love from others -- which in turn causes you to attract new love, romance and intimacy.

*Talisman of Relationships

*Powerful Aphrodisiac

*Helps you get in touch with your sensuality

*Radiates pure unconditional love

*Strengthens bonds

*Stimulates sensual imagination

*Comforts & heals heart wounds

*Assists in restful sleep


*Purchase includes a LOVE ritual and/or meditation.

*ALL of our crystals come blessed, cleansed + charged under the moon for a night & (if appropriate for the stone) the sun for a night.

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