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A MODERN MYSTICISM + ENLIGHTENED EVENTS company specializing in POP-UP, underground yoga events. 

Focused on the #BOSS Babe + Bro, our mission is to make the mystical more accessible to those living in the material world. As curators of vibe, we are disrupting the spiritual scene, removing its "woo woo" reputation, infusing it with badassery + creating the conscious creative connection that you crave. 

Jenna Guadagni / @JDuhnnie
Lauren Angueira / @LaurenBAngueira


Jenna is a 500 hr certified Master Yoga instructor as well as a certified Pilates practitioner on the mat, reformer and megaformer. Co-owning her own studio in Coconut Grove, Miami where she is also the educational instructor and the curator of her signature class, The Buddha Burn. A concept she invented which has been said to "perfectly weave intensity with spirituality" making for one killer workout. Jenna is also a Shaman, a meditation leader and a spiritual coach - able to align body and mind into a single magical session - her inspiration and passion being modern mysticism - allowing spirituality to be accessible to all. 

Lauren is the founder of WOKE Creative. Often described as a "one-stop" shop of creative services, her education and over eight years of experience in creative communication services give her versatility in multiple disciplines including marketing, design, journalism, photography and public relations. As a PR professional, she specializes in influencer and digital / event public relations. She has worked for a number of large, international non-profits and public companies before focusing on freelance, digital brand exposure and growth. Through the development of strategic and collaborative campaigns, she assists brands in building strong partnerships that enrich their brand identity. Her purpose is to help YOU connect to YOUR SOUL + create a company that honors the badass in you & your brand.



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