But you are best to remove your preconceived notions of flowing robes, headdresses, & burning sage — 

because in walks, Jenna G. Dressed in trendy yoga pants from the latest activewear designer, with strands of crystal mala beads around her neck, nails and hair always did — this Spirit Specialist means business. And, business it is — Jenna’s spiritual work focuses on removing the blocks in your professional business or the blocks that are keeping you from getting down to business (wink, wink). 

With her focus on development in romance and success and a no-nonsense, no holds barred approach to spirituality, she’s best known for sounding the siren under your latest business venture or igniting the siren within to take your life to that next level HIGH Vibe Type.

A Spirit Success Specialist deals in consciousness. Dont’ get lost here. This isn’t some woo-woo concept. As humans, we deal with consciousness on the daily. Its that voice that says you shouldn’t eat a fourth donut or take that last tequila shot…yup, that buzzkill. however, As a collective — we’ve trained ourselves to tune this voice out. Sure, we listen to it on the big stuff — like how we shouldn’t run over our ex — but avoid it when it makes us feel raw, vulnerable or exposed. Unfortunately, its in those moments of insecurity that the biggest lessons and healings can and are meant to occur. 

Enter the Spirit Success Specialist -- Using her ability to shift into another state of consciousness, Jenna opens the door to another reality where she is able to gain insight, healing energy, and wisdom about current and even past situations that face her clients.

Spirit Success Specialists work with the spirit or the soul to heal illnesses at the undercover “soul” level. It is here that they are able to gain access to intuitive wisdom channeled directly from the Universe, God, the spirit world, and so on. 


Why is this type of work needed right now? 

Let’s get real. Modern Medicine doesn’t give much cred to what goes on past an analyst’s couch.  In order to truly heal our deep rooted emotional issues and live our best lives we need to level up. as humans, We are incredible beings because ALL of the tools that are needed to cure ourselves exist within us --- however, most of them exist in those subtle hard-to-reach realms. the only way to access these realms is through work with a spirit success specialist. in this way, You can think of Spirit Success work as an AMP’d up intuition-led based Psychology. 

Spirit Success work is the work of connecting to your own truth, of understanding and releasing, all the patterns and inherited conditions that are blocking you from realizing your true and full self.

During one of these sessions, your specialist will also remove misplaced energy and any negative emotions that you may feel. Haters be Bye(gones) — Specialists are also able to remove any negative emotions that others have sent your way too. These emotions are usually stuck and stored in various parts of your body causing physical manifestations including back pain, ulcers, weight gain, depression — you get it!

“[spirit success work] is holistic. It’s working on your mental body, your emotional body, your physical body, and your spiritual body. The idea is that perfect ‘ health’ is the result of all four bodies being in alignment” --- material girl, mystical world.